Five steps of a Christian’s journey: Walking with God

Five steps of a Christian’s journey: Walking with God

The 5 steps of a Christian’s journey are:

  1. Knowing about God (Hearing) – Nobody is saved without knowing about God (Romans 10:14)
  2. Meeting God (The Encounter) – Your saving comes when you meet God.
  3. Walking with God (Fellowship) – You cannot fellowship with God without knowing him. You need to know who he is and have an understanding of his mind to walk with him.
  4. Working for God (Service) – Working for God is about doing things for God.
  5. Being with God (Redemption) – Having the Holy Spirit with you guarantees you will be fully redeemed when the time comes.

We often jump from step 2 to step 4. You hear about God, encounter him and then start to work for God. There is nothing wrong with working for God. It actually pleases him. But when you don’t fulfil step 3, you lack an understanding of God’s Will and His Mind because you haven’t walked with him.

Walking with God – 5 things to remember

  • To know the mind of God, you need to know His person, character, desires, personality and Will. All these are revealed in the Word.  Everything you need to know is in his Word (John 1:1). The evidence of your desire to know the Will of God and walk with him is through his Word.
  • Every personality of God is embodied in Jesus Christ. If you have seen Jesus, you have seen the father (John 4).
  • The bible tells us that the will of God, is a reflection of His personality and the mind of God is revealed by the Holy Spirit (see 1 Corinthians 2:10-11). You will never know the mind of God, if you don’t have the mind of Christ (see 1 Corinthians 2:16).
  • Your natural mind will naturally conflict with the mind of God. So to be able to accept the mind of God, your mind first, needs to be renewed to the mind of Christ.
  • The leading of the Holy Spirit will always give Glory to Jesus- if it isn’t giving glory to Jesus Christ then it is not of God (see John 16:13-14).


This post is based on a message taught by Pastor Ope Awolesi