Six lessons from the story of David and Goliath

Six lessons from the story of David and Goliath

In the book of 1 Samuel 17, we read about the story of David and Goliath. From this scripture, we can draw out 6 lessons for facing challenging situations:


Size the situation (challenge) down, not up. Despite everyone fearing Goliath (1 Samuel 17:11), David came our boldly and even belittled the situation by calling Goliath an uncircumcised Philistine (verse 26). He saw himself above the challenge.In the same way, you should speak to every situation or obstacle that you face. The bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7), which we must tap into. Speaking into a situation presents the opportunity to defeat it. David belittling the situation led to Saul overhearing which then gave David the opportunity to then go on to fight Goliath.

Speak out, don’t keep quiet. When you speak into a situation you are displaying your confidence therefore awakening the support of God. In 1 Samuel 17:45-47, David called out to God. He spoke with confidence and decreed his victory. Jesus reminds us that we must ask in prayer (Matthew 21:22). Don’t just think or feel it, you must speak it.

Be alert. David was doing errands for his father when he became aware of the situation with Goliath. Always be alert and aware. Don’t just wait until it comes to you. The bible reminds us that each day has enough worry of its own (Matthew 6:34) and reassures us that God will never give us more than you can handle (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Always recognise the authority under which you speak. David spoke giving glory to God before the battle actually happened (see 1 Samuel 17:37-47). When you speak into a situation under the authority of heaven, God will back you.

Pick the right tools to use to defeat the situation. It may not make sense to others but as long as it makes sense to you and God that’s all that matters. Goliath came to David with a sword, spear and javelin, and all David has was a stone. The people around him would have probably laughed. David’s confidence was not in the weapon but in God. Make God your ultimate weapon.

Don’t wait for the situation to gain momentum; you have to run at it first. Don’t give it a chance to overwhelm you. In 1 Samuel 17:48, David ran quickly towards the battle line. When God prepares you for battle, don’t be complacent. Be swift!

This post is based on a message taught by Deacon Kunle Samuels.