The Marriage Class Review

The Marriage Class Review

I attended the Marriage Course at GLC in June 2016. The course was very informative. It was split across four days and each session focused on the different aspects of Christian relationships: Hello Period, Christian Courtship; Adjustments in relationships and Engagement & Marriage phase.

The 4 key stages covered everything from the purpose of marriage, attributes of a spouse, knowing your spouse, importance of courtship, boundaries in Christian courtship, the stages in relationships, the different temperament and right up to understanding the purpose of a marriage ceremony.

I would recommend this course for anyone who has little or no knowledge in the steps towards having a healthy Christian relationship based on God. It completely exposes how the world has polluted this amazing God given experience. It also gave an insight into the requirements and purpose of the marriage.

I think the course is beneficially for those who are single and those preparing for marriage.

If you are the curious type, this would be a very useful knowledge bank for your future plans.

By Susan Adeyemi