Jesus is the Son of God, who was born as a man, setting an example to all of mankind by living a sin-free and perfect life. Through his death and resurrection, He reconciled the relationship between God and man. He provides the avenue through salvation, to God, enabling us to live extraordinary lives.


The Bible says in John 3:16 that God loved the World so much He gave His only Son. So that through acceptance of Jesus, we would be able to turn away from the mistakes of our past. Jesus lived a life free from mistakes, which is why He, and only He, is able to provide the way to God, the Father.


Congratulations on your decision to follow Christ, we are sure that it is the beginning of greatness for you. We are delighted to welcome you to a family of people filled with love, who have made exactly the same decision. We are committed to your growth on this new and exciting journey. Please contact us for more information.